About Us

miss-columbiaNew Visions Digital Publishing offered services and products focusing on cultural and regional history, using technology to enhance the historical experience.  We enjoyed working with individuals and organizations interested in producing publications, pamphlets, commemorative brochures, interpretive signs and photo images available in electronic or hardcopy formats.

Presentations on historical subject matter.

AmericaOvalNew Visions conducted several presentations on historical subjects, including the NYO&W in Pennsylvania and New York state, the Delaware division of the Erie railroad and the Delaware and Hudson Canal. These presentations have ranged from single presenter programs to multimedia group programs.

Consultants in technologies for digital imaging.

kelly-lampNew Visions had served as consultants on digital imaging and archival systems, assisted in web site development and educated individuals and groups on digital imaging and photo restorations.

Publishers of books, brochures and large format signs.

logo-ribbonWe published our first book “From Scranton to Cadosia: Along the NYO&W Ry Co.” twenty years ago.  We created signs for use on the Rail-Trail Council of NE PA hiking trails. These signs provide a historical perspective on the region, and allows the hiker to understand the rail-bed he or she is using.

We enjoyed bringing old graphics to life through our websites, logo creation and our publications. Old brochures, tour guides, railway passes and timetables enable us to creatively assemble new images of the past. We look forward to the new virtual reality, digital and mobile media to broaden our creativity.

New Visions Banner
An old banner to our website, composed from a railway pass, an image on railway china, and a modern woodtype font.